Monday, April 23, 2007

It's spring in Paris and it's rich and green and I wake up to birds singing every morning. They say that Paris is made up of little villages. It's true, and the birds singing in my neighborhood make me feel just that; that I am in a village somewhere in the countryside.

I have taken lots and lots of pictures of windows, fashion, & inspiration of all sorts, but first I wanted to share this photo. It's one of my very favorites which I took during the two wonderful tours Marcy Tilton and I hosted in Paris in December and January. These fabulous garments represent the winter collection. The fabrics are thicker, wool, cotton, synthetic combos. Colors are pure and clean, just my style, and what I like the most is that the pieces can be worn together layered or with very clean lines and smooth fabrics from other designers like yourself. The spring and summer collection is of gossamer fabrics, and great sorbet colors, still keeping the clean and pure for those of us who can't make the color leap. I love the fabric. It's an alternative to the Issey Miyake "Pleats Please" line which I'm crazy about. This however, creates a less structured garment moulding to the body without the linear starkness.

I'm new at this blog world, and I like it a lot. I have connected with some really great people and I'll be adding a weekly post to let you know who they are and where they are, and keep you informed of all that my eyes take in, and all that continues to inspire me.

For starters take a look at It's mostly about ready to wear manufacturing, however the woman is a great writer and she offers incredible insight into the world of a ready to wear manufacturer. She also has some great links to other folks practicing their art, and their art spirit. I found "Julien and Sophie's patterncutting school "on her site Talk about thinking outside the box; Great! I'm not sure I would wear the clothes but I might try their method, just to have the experience. See you next week

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  2. Dear Shermane,

    J'ai vraiment hate de lire la suite de vos aventures...
    cela me fait réviser mon anglais par la meme occasion !
    si vous avez besoin de montrer ce qu'est une JOLIE PARISIENNE , je vous enverrai ma photo ;)
    a tres bientot !