Sunday, May 06, 2007

A day in the life of "ParisStreetChic"

I took a break from the "showstudio" pattern project to take a few photos.
I was in one of my favorite places in Paris when I shot this, just across from Le Bon Marche. Taking photos of windows during the day, when there is a reflection is really interesting, and a challenge for me. This one was to test the flash against the window & I liked the photo.

To follow I saw this Sonia Rykiel jacket and skirt. She always creates very wearable, fashion forward, past and present combined collections. It's very very french to show a frilly/sporty combination. This jacket is made in a fine crisp cotton/linen something. I tried it on, and loved it. I would wear it for sure. I imagine this garment was a combination of flat pattern and draped techniques, which is often the case. I would wear this with a tailored pant and strappy sandals for evening, & monochromatic linen deconstructed pants or bias skirt for day. Something that doesn't detract from the action packed top/jacket.

The sleeve had a wonderful shape, fall, and length. This reminds me a little of a great jacket one of our Hidden Paris Tour travellers bought at L'Espace des Createurs in Les Halles. I love these "courbes" and shapes. The spirit of masculine tailoring, sporty and frills is one of my favorite combos. It balances itself. It says that you are a complex woman who cannot be easily read by what you are wearing.

Then I saw this Paul Ka window. What I liked the most was the black dress of course, with all it's drama and elegance, but in fact the kick was that the top of the short dress is wrapping paper used by florists, and the bottom is a huge pouf of pleated poly. Not at all practical but makes a great looking window.

Here's a close-up of the skirt. The base is a straight skirt with the pleated fabric sewn vertically down the center as one would with a ruffled men's shirt, and in slight leaf type shapes so that the pouf diminishes at the waist and the hem. There is a sort of crinoline inside the pleated leaves. I love the juxtaposition of folly and elegance.

The quintessential black dress, and hat. It is present in every collection, every season, from every designer. Truly timeless.

You can get a close -up view of the photos by clicking on them. Most of them will appear full screen.

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Back to the pattern project. See you tomorrow.

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