Friday, August 10, 2007

There is something so elegant and beautiful about a mannequin just re covered. It is pure so pure. I learned from my draping teacher that toile (muslin) is truly pure. The smell after pressing and steaming, the life you give it when creating a garment. It's structure, it's form. It has it's own life and draw as you work it. I love to look at it when I'm finished; turning analyzing touching it. Is this cover perfect, not at all!! I made a bunch of mistakes. It's not the mistakes you make, it's what you learn.
I'll use a heavier, thicker muslin. The repairs I made to the base show through; the seam allowances aren't equal, not enough curve around the hip. I sadly ripped the back side a bit and had to repair it. The bottom is too large to fit snugly inside the base and the wooden bottom gathers it into tiny pleats. All that is just fine. She is still absolutely elegant to me.
The next stage is placing the "bol duc" a specific type of ribbon created expressly for a mannequin to delineate each section. Tomorrows photos will show the ribbon, and each placement explained. Compare with the photo below of the previous post.

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