Thursday, December 24, 2009

I grew up with the photography of Richard Avedon gracing the covers of Vogue in the era of Diana Vreeland, Twiggy, Verushka, Jean Shrimpton, (called the Shrimp), and Peggy Moffit in her Rudy Gernreich topless bathing suit. A swirl of magazines, shopping at The Style Shop, where I discovered Cabochard by Grés when I was 16. Amazing moment. I was able to visit that once again, a rush of memories at Detroit Institute of Arts last weekend where we three; my mother, my sister and I visited the Avedon exihibit of Fashion photography from 1944-2000.

The exhibit was incredible enough. The beginning was filled with photographs taken in Paris on Rue de la Paix, at Trocadero, on Fauberg St Honoré, at les Deux Magot, every place I have been, know well, walked. I found myself explaining the way the light hit the garments and how one could tell which kind of fabric it was and on which grain it was cut. The fit, the handwork, the telltale padded hems of peau de soie gowns designed by Givenchy.

BUT, the film! An hour and a half of the life the people and the experiences which shaped this artist, and the way he worked. I was truly transported. The photographs I have included are pirated from the film. I have always loved Kathryn Hepburn. My camera is pretty rudementary and I happened to snap between two of my favorite photos of her. The photo to the left is the result, one I could not have orchestrated better. The other is the entrance of the show; iconic metal dress which Paco Rabanne created to protect women from the elements, just when the guard had lowered his head.

I had to share them...

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