Monday, December 14, 2015

I came across this fabulous blog from South America!  Patternmakers are visual/intellectual/sculpture artisits, engineers too!!  This visual for where the cuts, and manipulations occur on the block are invaluable.  It's a free educational blog (in spanish).  Don't know spanish, no problem.  The commentary is usually only a description, the schematics are the teachers.

You must have a basic knowledge of patternmaking, curiosity,  perseverance and a good basic patternmaking book. I recommend this one below.

Here is the reason, It is simple and takes you through the very basics.  That's all you need if you are a novice.  There are other fabulous books and if you love patternmaking as I do, you'll buy them.  Start with this's not confusing.
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Ask me questions, and keep checking in! A bientot!

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