Monday, January 04, 2016

It's the new year!  Set your mind toward DESIGN and be inspired by


I know I always am....

I may not always like or understand perhaps what any one designer puts together but it is always an education in the elements and principles of design.

I study, interpret, view from all angles or all that apply, how can this influence me consciously, unconsciously?  I immerse myself for the moment to absorb all it's aspects and I become lost in the dream of design...heaven sometimes.

Thinking Like a Designer | The Cutting Class.


"In this final round-up post about the articles from 2015, we’ve gathered together some food for thought if you are about to become a fashion designer, or fashion design student yourself. From sketching designs to communicating with pattern makers these 2015 articles give you an insight into the analytical mindset of a designer. Does the toile match the sketch? Are you translating the idea correctly into the pattern? Where do you draw the line when using deconstruction to express a concept? Is the balance of fabrics right in the collection?"

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