Monday, May 14, 2007


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As you know from the last few posts, I'm working on the "showstudio" pattern project. I am in the taping; taping, taping process! It may have been easier to have sent the pdf files to a printer to have them printed full size, but that would be too easy. I wanted to do it that long way, for me, and for you.

Check out the link below to get a photo of the finished Yamamoto garment gallery. A couple of great photos here, good interpretation of the design.

I've chosen a black (gee, what a surprise) silk gazar! Should be fabulous. I will post photos with a glimpse of the fabric draped on my mannequin, a very important part of any garment design process.
I ask, perhaps unconsciously, what's the spirit of the garment, how do I want it to read. I'll show you how I do that using my mannequin.

My draping mentor/professor and I used to work, then stand back, look at the toile, and confer. What is it that we liked and didn't like. Other than those moments, we seldom spoke, we just worked.

The "eye" is transferred by experiencing the project with a master. I have had that experience. It is more thrilling than I can tell you and is almost spiritual. No, not almost, it IS spiritual. I have only had a few moments where I was pushed by something other than my conscious to create. Something I didn't know how to evoke or stop. I hold those moments as some of the most dear of my life, and fall back on them when I fall below my own mark.

a lundi.......

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