Monday, May 21, 2007

French Lesson no.1


When a real down and dirty French person says "ooh la la", they are very impressed by something, negative or positive. When they say "ah la la la la", they are tickled or tired or a little exasperated. When they say "hchah la la" they are letting you know they sympathize with you.
I love this & I think this one means whatever you want, make up your own story! (sculpture placed in the lobby of l'Hotel Lutetia)

The pattern project is so much fun, really. This is of course after I printed several copies, got the papers out of sync, then tried to find the little baby numbers at the top of the page and the little baby half box notch type things in the corners. "ah la la la la"!!! NOW it's fun.

I sat in front of, and walked past the pieces taped to my closet door for several days to let my mind work on that unconscious level so that I was able to understand the construction. I looked at the gallery of photos several times to understand the movement of the piece. I didn't want to assume that I knew anything.

Each step one takes in the creative process allows one to deepen the understanding of the particular process you are involved in and the creative process in general.

When we make a garment someone else has designed, we interpret that design, and it becomes our own. In the following several days I will show photos of each stage of my process. I would like to do this in this way as I don't want the blog to be major long each time, but to move smoothly through to the finish of the garment. Check back as the week goes along.

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