Thursday, June 21, 2007

A friend of mine was telling me about his vacation along the coast of Brittany.
A lovely hotel, fabulous food and a romantic walk along the rugged coastline as the water was coming in. Then...cries, no one heard them but they were there. The only indication was a tiny Jack Russel running frantically over the rocks...down into the ruggedness, no one saw until the last moment that he instictually ran to save a fox trapped on his back between the rocks struggling to free himself from danger as the water rose. The Jack bit, pulled, and liberated the fox. They both ran opposite each other, not knowing what happened , not asking for anything in return...... This is not an urban legend this is true, it happened last week, along the coast of Brittany during a romantic walk, as the water rose, a moment, caught by my friend who knew how important it was to tell it.

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