Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Stockman French manufactued ready to wear mannequin

This mannequin I am describing is as I said is a Stockman ready to wear about 15-20 years old. The size is a 40 which in the U.S. corresponds to a size 8.
These mannequins are to drape and fit garmenst for ready to wear and so the shape is in fact a calculated average corresponding to the body shape average at the time the mannequin was manufactured. She is short in the torso with a fairly prnounced waist, and she has defined hips. Overall she is balanced.

From the side however you can see that she is very slim with a slight bust and no difinition for the dierierre. The front hip area is about the same as shape as the back.
When using this kind of mannequin one must remember that there is no room built in for curves, therefore, when buying garments from a compnay that uses herto desing and fit their garments, the ease that has been built into the garment will be taken up by the curves in your body and the balance will be wrong for your shape. Take a look at yourself in a leotard from the front and from the side to get a beat on where your curves are.

Check back in a oouple of days for the next mannequin post.

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