Monday, November 12, 2007

The Mannequin Delimma!

I have been asked so many times what kind of mannequin I use or which one I like. As I am doing a seminar on how to use a mannequin in Ann Arbor Michigan for the Fiber Arts Guild, I thought this would be a good place to start.

I have had many many wonderful and cherished mannequins in my life and each one has her own story

Within the following days covering 2 weeks, I'll talk about each one and my experience in working with them. I have not used all of the mannequins available so I have a couple of sites which I'll refer you to for advice, ones I trust, of course but your expeience will teach you something different than my experience has taught me about mannequins.

My writing is full of stories about myself and my experience as this is why this blog exists. I love writing it, having it and each time I write I am inspired to go to a new place, and I never know where that will be.
I'll speak about the above mannequin on wednesday. This particular one is a vintage stockman, a classic french ready to wear shape. There are also stockman Haute Couture manneqinns. More to be revealed............Welcome to this new journey!
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  1. Hi! I'd like to know a information. How do you call those black line on the mannequin? and where can I buy those? Thanks you. I'll appreciate a lot if you help =)