Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I've returned from Michigan and it was the very best trip I have ever had there. My sister and I connected as never before and my mom, sister and I had one of those great "sit on the neighbors porch, and talk and laugh untill the wee hours" It was as I remember the most beautiful moments of my childhood, balmy, quiet, tender joyful.

I had a fabulous time teaching for The Ann Arbor Fiberarts Guild. I met wonderful creative women, from whom I was offered great inspiration for the continuation of my own work. My fiber arts aren't as evolved as my couture work, but I did finish this knitted top (so simple) after seeing the work of the women in Ann Arbor.

It's a Kim Hargraves design using heathered raw silk yarn. It smells wonderful. I love the smell of silk, and wearing it is a joy, it has such life. The girl who sold me the yarn at Bon Marche has become a good friend. She is a fiberarts soul and she inspires me to work with lovely yarn, even if it takes me 2 years to finish a tank top!!! Oh, how embarassing, but I think we've all been there. I am in process with new entries starting next monday. Thanks for visiting.
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  1. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Shermane! So glad you are safely back in Paris. We are SO looking forward to your return trip to AAFG in January! and I've been looking at my shape in a whole new way. My hair is now cut, and a bit darker, and needs step at a time!

    I love the quotes that you include in your blog. I know it takes time, but don't leave us dangling for so-o-o-o long. ;)

    Be well, be peace.
    Nancy the LA